From Kevin Hellon, II

I absolutely LOVE entrepreneurs!  Not only am I one myself but I enjoy being valuable to the many entrepreneurs I have worked with.  From their passion to make a difference to their drive to build an exciting new business, I enjoy the many facets that entrepreneurs showcase.

Being a long time entrepreneur myself, I believe I have learned many different approaches to being successful in business and my personal life.  As a father of two amazing children and someone who has run multiple business my entire career, I have been able to exude the level of drive and discipline required to build amazing companies all the while having the freedom and flexibility to be a hands-on parent to my children.  I have always felt running businesses is much more than just making money.  Money is a by-product of your business success but it is more important to run your business to reach what YOU deem to be success.

Some people have aspirations to run a 100 million dollar corporation in an effort to provide a massive amount of new jobs.  Others want to start a business in order to have more freedom and flexibility to enjoy life outside of just working.  There are entrepreneurs that have a passion or a hobby that they know can be a solid business.  Then there are technicians that have outstanding skills and want to turn their product or service into a viable business.

This is where I come in.  As a consultant with many years building businesses of my own as well as helping other entrepreneurs reach their business goals, I have the skills and approaches that will help YOU grow your business in whatever direction you choose.  My passion is to see you succeed in whatever capacity you feel success is for you.

I truly look forward to working with you and expect great things in your future!

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Strategy and Operations

Developing detailed strategies before a venture begins will set your destination and business goals in the proper place.

Creative Design

Visuals can make the strongest impact with your business. They create trust, a professional perception and establish your reputation.

Branding and Social

You must establish a strong brand for yourself as an expert in your industry and your business as a great product or service on social media and beyond.


Every business should have a variety of revenue streams within it to allow for strong growth and profit.

Mobile and Web

In today’s market, you must be online and taking advantage of direct communication through mobile devices. You want to always be on the edge of new technology and how it can grow your business.


Understanding your business’ value, having strong financials and knowing how to raise capital are business essentials.

Sales & Marketing

Nothing creates revenue into your business than a strong sales and marketing approach.


It is called the music BUSINESS and film BUSINESS for a reason. Tie your creativity with a great business model and you have a winning combination.

What people say about working with Kevin

It is always such a delight to work with Kevin. He has been very instrumental in directing our company in the design and development of our marketing materials that have helped us stand out from our competitors. He is extremely easy to work with and very creative in his approaches. He has been our "go-to" person for many years!

Keisha H.
Keisha H. Marketing Director, The Princeton Review

When I met Kevin, I just had an idea for a business. He took my idea and made it a reality. Developed by business plan, marketing materials, built my team, built me as a CEO and provided priceless direction for more than two years. I am so thankful for this wonderful person who has grown to be just as much as my friend as a consultant to my business.

Joly H.
Joly H. Founder/CEO, Solo Parent Magazine

As a long time technician in the movie business, I have always been very skilled at my craft but lacked the strategic approaches needed to build my business. I come to Kevin often to discuss the right approach in my sales, marketing and business strategies. He has been an amazing asset to my business in more ways than one.

Bruce A.
Bruce A. Owner, BAPI

I wanted to start my own business but I didn't know where to begin until I met Kevin. He has helped me start my own company from the name to all of my marketing materials, my website and showed me exactly who my target market is as well as how to get them. I come to Kevin on a regular basis with all of my questions. With his guidance, I went from a startup with zero money to closing in on six figures and I have only been in business for two years. I owe all of this to working with Kevin!

Lucee C.
Lucee C. Principal, Nobility Consulting

As a young entrepreneur, Kevin has been a mentor to me. Not only am I one of his strategic partners but he directs me personally on a lot of my business directions. I call on him when I have questions I need answered or when I am unsure about a direction I want to go in. He has been a major aspect of my growth as a business person and the growth with my company.

Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen CEO, RSE Media