We are dedicated to building and enhancing businesses that can empower the masses and put businesses in a position to make their impact on the world.

For many years, The HELLON Corporation has been instrumental in taking companies from concept to a solid organization. We have helped single mothers begin a viable business to assisting government agencies with expanding their technology services for greater accountability. We worked with filmmakers to package their projects for investors and connected businesses seeking capital with funding sources. We are dedicated to putting the necessary resources and structure in place to allow our clients to succeed!

companies_oseWe develop, acquire and participate in entertainment properties that establish innovative business strategies for success.

Offstream Entertainment is a full-scale multimedia company specializing in multiple aspects of the entertainment industry from film and television production to music.  The company has created alliances with some of the best sales agents, entertainment-related companies, financial institutions, distributors and professionals in order to take a project from concept to successful completion.

companies_compoundThe Compound Production House is an 8,000 sq. ft. facility located in the Media District of Burbank, California.  With over 26 offices, multiple kitchens and bathrooms, production stage, game room, green room, makeup room, two conference rooms, lounges and a screening room!


Offstream Entertainment works hand-in-hand with its sister company Reel Capital Group, which specializes in financing film and television projects through multiple funding resources, properly packaging projects to successfully obtain funding, and consulting the filmmaker to add the greatest value to a project.


companies_t2bTalent2Brand is a division of Offstream Entertainment that focuses on the branding of talent such as music artists, acting professionals, crew, photographers and more.  If you are talent that understands the importance of branding yourself, then Talent2Brand is ideal for your needs.

companies_omgWe have built a stellar team of producers who have experience working with major record labels, major and independently successful artists, films, TV, video games, composing and mixing. They have garnered a tremendous amount of success from gold and multi-platinum records, hit TV shows, successful film soundtracks, Grammy awards, Emmy awards and more.

companies_campArtist development has become a lost form in most cases but for the many that have succeeded, they have put a strong emphasis on fully developing talent. Companies such as The Voice, American Idol and many independent record labels put a strong emphasis on the importance of having highly developed talent. Take an artist like Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of American Idol. If you look at how she started from the way she looked to her vocals to her style, she had to be fully developed in order to become the pop sensation she is now.

This could not be a better time to participate in a development system that will take an artist from concept to success.

C.A.M.P. (Creating Artists and Music Professionals) has been created to fulfill such an objective.

companies_lifeskillsLife Skills Preparatory is a system developed to help teens, young adults and immigrants learn what it takes to have proper skills to navigate life.

companies_scufflessScuffless is THE cleaning tool for your shoes!  With a specially formulated cleanser, this shoe product will keep your shoes looking brand new for a long time.