Executive Coaching

quote-drawn-coachingAs your consultant, I will serve as your "devil's advocate" as well as your strongest support system.  We will discuss all of your business directions, approaches, new ventures, strengths and weaknesses in order to keep you growing strong.  I will keep you continuously accountable by making sure we are setting objectives that need to be met and success measurements that we will accomplish together.

As an entrepreneur, the road traveled can be a very lonely one in which you are always looking for people to understand you and be in a position to help you with questions you might have.  Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand everything you are going through.  I have dedicated my life to understanding BUSINESS so my expertise in such lends well to helping YOU grow. 

Through our journey, I will make sure you are making the best decisions for your business and your objectives.  We will create these objectives that are aligned with your overall view of success.  We will make sure your activities are all going in the direction that will give you the best company you can have, be the best leader you can be and have the best quality of life you can have.

I do NOT take a cookie-cutter approach to helping you build yourself as an entrepreneur because our approach is just as unique as you are!

The Process

We will identify your purpose and set a vision and objectives for your future. In order to have a great direction, you have to know where you are going. The vision is having the end in mind. We will go through a series of activities that will help you clearly identify the vision for your business and yourself as an entrepreneur.

We will evaluate and assess your current condition. How does your brand match up with your business objectives? Is your website professionally done and showcasing your company in the best way? Do you have the right business card and marketing materials? How is your team operating? What are your customer reviews? We will delve deep into your business and yourself as an entrepreneur to evaluate where you currently are.

Prioritize and establish specific strategies based on your objectives and the assessment of your current condition. Now that we know what you want and where you are, we can create a strategy to get you where you want to go.

Translate your strategies into actionable plans. Just having strategies in place are not enough. It's like having a to do list but not doing what is on that list. Anyone can write plans down but your ability to execute that plan is what will separate the successful people.

Continuously manage your actions to make sure they align with the objectives towards success. It is imperative to your success that your consultant is always managing your actions and holding you accountable. As an entrepreneur, we can get busy or bombarded with so many things that can easily take us away from what we need to be doing to reach our goals. We will always make sure you are performing your actions at the highest level possible.